R & BioConductor Courses

Advanced Bioinformatics Scripting in Python, BioPython, R & BioConductor

151 Lessons
23.5 hours
What you'll learn
Iterable Objects
Control Flow
File Handling
Functions & Modules
Error Handling
Sequence Analysis
Sequence Data Parsing
Sequence Data Extraction
Alignment Parsing and Analysis
BLAST Database Searching
Parsing BLAST results
Biological Data Retrieval
Parsing a PDB Structure file
Phylogenetic Analysis
Protein Sequence Analysis
Variables & Functions
Vectors & Data Types
Biological Data Analysis
Data Visualization: ggplot2
Getting Familiar With Linux
Piping and Control Data Flow
Pre-processing Biological Datasets
Processing and Analysis of Biological Datasets
Sequence Retrieval
Bioinformatics File Parsing and Writing
Sequence Alignment
Database Searching
Gene Enrichment Analysis
Data Transformation with dplyr
Tidy Data with tidyr
MicroArray Analysis: BioConductor