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Machine Learning | BioCode | BioCode

Machine Learning

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Whole Genome Sequencing

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Whole Exome Sequencing

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Next-Generation Sequencing

Interactive Learning Bioinformatics: Empowering Your Bioinformatics Journey

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Become a Bioinformatics Expert

Multiple Learning Resources | BioCode | BioCode

Multiple Learning Resources

Our approach combines theory and hands-on guidance for each topic, empowering you to master bioinformatics analysis. Access PDFs, PPTs, scripts, and transcripts with each lecture to enhance your understanding and support effective learning. Maximize your potential with our diverse range of materials and unleash your bioinformatics expertise.

Real Life Biological Data Analysis | BioCode | BioCode

Real-Life Biological Data Analysis

Unlock Life Sciences Research Potential with Real-Life Biological Data Analysis. Explore bioinformatics, analyze real-life biological datasets, and excel in various areas like tumors, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, targeted therapy, and more. Our comprehensive courses empower you to become an expert in diverse biological data analysis.

From Basics to Advanced | BioCode | BioCode

From Basics to Advanced

Our curriculum guides learners of all levels on a transformative journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced learner, our courses cater to your proficiency. Build a solid foundation, explore the fundamentals, and ascend to advanced techniques. Unleash the full potential of bioinformatics through our comprehensive curriculum.

Learn at your Pace

Flexible Learning: Anytime, Anywhere, at Your Own Pace

  • Tailor your learning journey to fit your schedule and preferences with our self-paced courses.
  • Access personalized assistance and 1-1 help whenever you need support or find yourself stuck.
  • Experience the convenience of flexible learning while receiving individualized guidance to ensure your success.
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Cutting-Edge Bioinformatics Skills for Today's Challenges​

Microbial Genomics Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria | BioCode | BioCode

Microbial Genomics: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Master advanced bioinformatics techniques to analyze bacterial genomes, genes, and proteins. Identify antimicrobial resistance genes, SNPs, and explore ecological aspects. Our courses equip you with the tools and knowledge to effectively analyze microbial genomic data.

Cancer Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing Analysis | BioCode | BioCode

Cancer Genomics and Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis

Delve into the fascinating field of cancer genomics and unlock the potential of next-generation sequencing analysis. Gain in-depth knowledge of the genetic alterations and molecular mechanisms driving cancer development. Learn WGS, WXS, RNA-seq, Single-Cell RNA-seq for analyzing large-scale genomic data.

Oncoproteins and Computational Drug Discovery | BioCode | BioCode

Oncoproteins and Computational Drug Discovery

Explore oncoproteins and computational drug discovery to advance drug discovery. Gain insights into oncogenesis, analyze protein structures, and identify therapeutic targets. Learn how to analyze proteins using 3D structure prediction, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics simulation approaches.

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Learn from Industry Experts

We understand that learning from the beginner’s level must be tough, but we make it easy for you!

  • Learn from industry-leading experts and experienced researchers dedicated to bioinformatics.
  • Gain valuable insights, guidance, and personalized support from our passionate instructors.
  • Benefit from the practical knowledge and expertise shared by our instructors.
  • Enhance your learning experience with real-world examples and practical applications.

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BioCode is committed to delivering exceptional bioinformatics courses to help you excel in the field. To demonstrate our dedication, we offer a free trial for you to assess the quality and value of our courses. This trial period allows you to explore and experience a sample of our course content, enabling you to make an informed decision about further enrollment. Take advantage of this opportunity to gauge our commitment to providing top-notch bioinformatics education.

Our Most Popular Bioinformatics Courses

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Microbiome Analysis
Hands-on Tutorials for All Advanced Courses

p53 - The Gaurdian Of Cell

Explore the incredible functions of p53 as it safeguards our genetic code, fending off mutations and ensuring cellular health. Our poster breaks down complex concepts into visually stunning and easy-to-understand graphics.

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To access everything (all the tutorials), Professional Membership should be chosen. However, Ruby Plan has exclusive access to the hands-on videos to advanced courses (single-cell, WGS, WXS and more). Except the hands-on videos of the advanced courses, the Professional membership contains all the videos, even theoretical videos of the advanced courses. 

No, the videos on the platform are not downloadable. However, you can download accompanying resources such as PDFs, PPTs, datasets, and other documentation or materials provided with each lecture or tutorial. These resources are available for download to supplement your learning experience.

There are two options to get started with Bioinformatics. Firstly, you can choose the Basic membership offered above, which provides access to introductory materials and resources. Alternatively, you can select any preferred course from the website www.biocode.org.uk/courses to begin your Bioinformatics journey. If you wish to explore other membership options, simply click on “Buy Now” above to proceed with your selection.

If you encounter difficulties understanding any aspect of a lecture, we have dedicated support available to assist you. You can reach out to our team at support@biocode.org.uk, and our tutors will be happy to help you resolve the issue. Additionally, you can utilize the question feature on your learning dashboard to ask specific questions related to the lecture. Our tutors will provide direct assistance within your learning dashboard to support your learning process. Don’t hesitate to seek help whenever you need it, as our team is here to ensure your understanding and progress in the course.

Yes, you have the option to cancel your plan at any time, provided that you cancel at least 24 hours before the next scheduled charge. If you cancel within this timeframe, you will not be charged for the following billing cycle. However, it’s important to note that if you are enrolled in a subscription course, the cancellation will prevent future charges but may not grant lifetime access to that specific course.

For non-subscription courses, you will typically retain access to the course for a lifetime, even after canceling your plan. This means you can continue to benefit from the course materials and resources without any time restrictions. It’s advisable to review the specific terms and conditions related to each course to understand the details of your access duration.

We offer a range of hands-on courses covering various topics in bioinformatics. Some of the courses available include:

  1. Single-Cell RNA-seq: Learn the analysis of gene expression data at the single-cell level.

  2. Bulk RNA-seq: Explore the analysis of gene expression data obtained from bulk tissue samples.

  3. Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing: Gain insights into the analysis of whole genome and exome sequencing data for variant calling and genomic analysis.

  4. Metagenomics: Dive into the study of microbial communities and their genetic composition through metagenomic data analysis.

  5. Microbiome Analysis: Learn how to analyze microbiome data to understand the composition and function of microbial communities.

  6. Molecular Dynamics: Explore the simulation and analysis of biomolecular structures and their dynamic behavior.

These are just a few examples of the hands-on courses available. Each course provides practical training and guidance on specific bioinformatics techniques and methodologies.

Yes, there’s a free trial course available that you can avail here: www.biocode.org.uk/free-trial

Absolutely! Upon successfully completing a course, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate holds value and recognition that can be utilized worldwide. Many of our past customers have effectively utilized their certificates to enhance their career prospects in both industry and academia. It serves as a testament to your acquired skills and knowledge in the field of bioinformatics, further strengthening your credentials.

Our courses are designed to provide flexibility in learning. The courses are pre-recorded, allowing you to enroll and learn at your own pace. You can access the course materials anytime and from any device that suits your convenience.

Additionally, we also offer live 1-1 classes for a more personalized learning experience. If you prefer live instruction and mentoring, you can visit our website at https://www.biocode.org.uk/bioinformatics-live-training to explore the options available for live training and mentorship in bioinformatics.

Whether you choose self-paced learning through pre-recorded courses or opt for live 1-1 classes, we strive to provide comprehensive and accessible learning opportunities tailored to your preferences.

Yes, we provide Bioinformatics services to support various projects. Our services cover a wide range of areas, including metagenomics, whole-genome and exome sequencing analysis, RNA-sequencing analysis, bioinformatics scripting in Python, R, or Linux, antibiotic resistance analysis, and more. Whether you require assistance with data analysis, custom scripting, or specific bioinformatics tasks, our team is equipped to handle diverse Bioinformatics projects. We are committed to providing comprehensive support and expertise in various Bioinformatics domains. Contact us consult@biocode.org.uk

BioCode is offering one-on-one on-site and online live training for beginners who are struggling with learning bioinformatics or are stuck in their bioinformatics analysis. 

Our hands-on training will make sure that you learn every little thing about the theoretical and practical aspects of real-life bioinformatics analysis.

In BioCode’s live training, you will be performing advanced bioinformatics analysis including drug & vaccine designing, cancer genomics, RNA-sequencing, ATAC-sequencing, next-generation sequencing,  metagenomics, and biological programming in Linux, R & Python.

Experience required: basics of biology, no coding experience required

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Live 1-1 Workshops

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Learn industrial level skills in Bioinformatics such as Single-Cell RNA-sequencing, metagenomics, whole-genome sequencing, cancer therapeutics and more

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Contact us with your project proposal: consult@biocode.org.uk

Avail Bioinformatics Services

BioCode offers a range of analysis services to cater to the needs of students, academics, and researchers worldwide. The services available include:

  1. RNA-seq Analysis: Analysis of RNA sequencing data to uncover gene expression patterns and differential expression analysis.

  2. ATAC-Sequencing Analysis: Analysis of ATAC-seq data to study chromatin accessibility and identify regulatory elements.

  3. Single-Cell RNA-seq Analysis: Analysis of single-cell RNA sequencing data to explore gene expression at the single-cell level and identify cell types or states.

  4. Single-Cell ATAC-seq Analysis: Analysis of single-cell ATAC-seq data to investigate chromatin accessibility profiles in individual cells.

  5. Molecular Docking & Dynamics Services: Services related to molecular docking and dynamics simulations to study protein-ligand interactions and molecular behavior.

  6. Metagenomics Services: Analysis of metagenomic data to understand the composition and functional potential of microbial communities.

  7. Bioinformatics Scripting: Custom scripting services in Python, R, or Linux to develop tailored bioinformatics workflows and solutions.

These are just a few examples of the analysis services offered by BioCode. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support across various bioinformatics domains to facilitate research and discovery.

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Avail Molecular Docking Services

Identify top lead compounds (from 11,000+ compounds) for your target proteins in just 24 hours!

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The modules were enlightening and easy to follow. It's a good work totally put together by the team.

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